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Digitalization is a basis for modern development

The role of the digital system has great importance in the development of sports, as well as in all spheres of life in our beloved country. In this context, the introduction of digitalization in sports is very important to achieve outstanding results. At the times when technologies are making unprecedented progress, every part of the training session relies on the latest trends in this field and is based on in-depth calculations. It should be noted that the digital system monitors the on-going improvement without overloading the athlete and prevents from weakening due to different reasons. High level of weight control, calorie and fat features, mental stability ... all these parameters can be analysed and estimated through the digital system.
Moreover, the digital system has been an integral part of large events in recent years. It contributes to fair play in sports. The organization of the strategy game events through the digital communication makes it easier to hold such events.
Modernization of the digital system is a sign of the progressive development of the country. We express sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan who contributes to this process.