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New editions for the education system

By the new 2022-2023 academic year, the Turkmen State Publishing Service has released a number of teaching aids and textbooks for schools and universities in Turkmen and Russian. They are written by well-known experts in their field, approved by experts and recommended for publication by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. Among the novelties of this year are the textbook for secondary schools "Assignments for the final exam in algebra and the beginnings of analysis", the textbook for universities "Banking Law" and many other publications.

The alphabet "Harplyk" and copybooks for first-graders, the textbook on the native language "Ene dili" and workbooks in English for second-graders, the textbook on the basics of life "Ýaşaýyş-durmuş esaslary" for fourth-graders are intended for primary school students of the general education system. Among the textbooks in various subjects that are studied in secondary school are "Himiýa" (Chemistry) for grade 8, "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology" and "Economic and Social Geography" for grade 9, "Fundamentals of Modern Technologies" , "Geometry" and "Informatics" for grade 10.

In accordance with the Concept of Improving the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Turkmenistan, great importance is attached to the preparation and publication of textbooks for language learning with new content and teaching methods. By the new academic year, textbooks of Persian and Arabic for the 8th grade, German for the 9th grade and French for the 10th grade of Turkmen-teaching schools have been published. For students of the 9th grade with the Russian language of instruction, the textbook of the Turkmen language "Türkmen dili" is intended.

In addition to printed publications, electronic teaching aids and textbooks were also prepared, which was another step in the implementation of the "Concept for the Development of the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan". According to the National Institute of Education, they have already been sent to all velayats and are available for schoolchildren and teachers who can use them to work with an interactive blackboard.