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Importance of the mass physical culture and sports

The State Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan holds consultations for physical education teachers working in the education system of the country these days.

The first consultation was organized on November 4. Physical education teachers from the Ashgabat secondary schools took part in the event held in the conference hall of Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports. This consultation was entitled ‘Towards Health through Physical Education and Sports’. The event was organized to instruct physical education teachers working in the Ashgabat secondary schools and was notable for in-depth analysis.

The main conditions for promoting the principles of a healthy lifestyle and for developing physical health of young people depend on the mass physical education and sports. Thus, physical exercises have a positive effect on strengthening the physical and mental health of younger generations. Great importance is attached to physical education and sports in Turkmenistan. This fact was reflected in the speeches made at the consultation. The methodical instructions to physical education teachers were very effective.

Similar consultations will be held in all regions of the country.

Turkmen Sporty newspaper.