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The Ashgabat Open Tennis Championship concluded

The U12 Ashgabat Open Tennis Championship concluded at the Olympic Village in the Turkmen capital.

About 100 young athletes competed in the tournament.

Suleyman Hudayberdiyev from Ashgabat triumphed in the men's singles event. Ali Geldiyev from Lebap Velayat took the second place, and Nazargeldi Amangeldiyev from Ashgabat entered the top three. Sulgun Ishankuliyeva, Aylar Karabayeva and Anna Ponyatova, the athletes from Ashgabat, formed the top three in the women's singles event.

Ali Geldiyev and Begenchgeldi Hummetov triumphed in the men's doubles event. Kerimgeldi Velibegov and Govshut Soyunov took the second place. Anna Ponyatova and Sulgun Ishankuliyeva won the women's doubles event. Aylar Karabayeva and Nyazli Hudaygulyeva took the second place.

The competition became an important stage of preparation for the Central Asian Youth Tennis Championship, which will be held at the Ashgabat Olympic Village in the first days of June this year.