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Achievements of the Turkmen athletes, especially young ones, bring special delight in the year ‘Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar’. Moreover, these achievements are made in the Olympic sports. The IWF World Youth Championships in Durres, the Republic of Albania, evidenced the level of the Turkmen weightlifting school, which boasts such athletes as Altymyrat Orazdurdyev.

The 2022 IWF World Youth Weightlifting Championships in Leon, Mexico, was notable for the medals of our compatriots, namely, the silver medals won by Saparly Muhyev (96 kg) and by Perhat Bagtyyarov (55 kg), and the bronze medal earned by Medine Amanova (59 kg).

Ogulshat, the younger of the Amanova sisters, achieved the first success this year. A representative of the Ashgabat secondary school 104 successfully performed in the 45-kilogramme weight class event and won a gold medal. She lifted 71 kilogrammes (second place) in the snatch event and 85 kilogrammes (first place) in the clean and jerk event.

Ogulshat’s sister, Medine Amanova, said that she had aimed to improve her last year's result before ordering the weight for her first attempt. The talented athlete lifted 90 kilogrammes (first place) in the snatch event and 109 kilogrammes (first place) in the clean and jerk event, and won a gold medal with a total weight of 199 kilogrammes.

Another participant of the 2022 IWF World Youth Championships, Perhat Bagtyyarov, competed in the 61-kilogramme weight class event. A 16-year-old representative of the Olimp secondary sports school of the State Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan lifted 114 kilogrammes (first place) in the snatch event, 144 kilogrammes (second place) in the clean and jerk event, and 258 kilogrammes in total. However, this result was one kilogramme less than that of the gold medallist Albert Delos Santos. Thus, our compatriot repeated last year's success and took the second place at the World Youth Championships.

Gulalek Kakamyradova competed in the 64-kilogramme weight class event and achieved good results. She finished third in the snatch event with a result of 88 kilogrammes. After lifting 101 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk event, our compatriot entered the top five in this weight class.

The results of the IWF World Youth Championships in Durres, the Republic of Albania, indicate that the Turkmen weightlifting continues its victorious path. New generation of young champions will preserve the glorious traditions of such masters as Altymyrat Orazdurdyev, Polina Guryeva, Rejepbay Rejepov, Yulduz Jumabaeva, and Kristina Shermetova. This fact provokes pride in every fan of the Turkmen sports. The above-mentioned achievements demonstrate the revival of high-level sports, which was initiated by the National Leader of the Turkmen people, our Hero-Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and is implemented by the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov in the new epoch.


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