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A tournament dedicated to the World Bicycle Day

The Cup of the Cycling Federation of Turkmenistan was held at the Indoor Cycling Track of the Olympic Village and was dedicated to the World Bicycle Day. 34 athletes took part in the competition.

Sofia Abakumova won the women's 500 metre event. Anastasia Andreyeva took the second place; Sofia Gushshina entered the top three. In the men's 1000 metre event, Dovletgeldi Anjikov took the first place. Resul Bashev became the runner-up; Yenish Rejepnurov won the third place. The men's 3000 metre event concluded with the victories of the same athletes.

The women's 2000 metre event was also very close. Sofia Gushshina triumphed in the event, Sofia Abakumova became the runner-up, and Ksenia Karayeva entered the top three.

Turkmen Sporty newspaper.