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Celebrations in honour of athletes

Turkmen athletes perform at international tournaments on a regular basis, and their victories raise the country’s prestige as a sports power worldwide. In our country, it has become a tradition to honour and award winners and prize-winners of these tournaments. This tradition continued in the Ashgabat Olympic Town on May 25.

A ceremony in honour of the members of the Turkmenistan national teams, who successfully performed at the international tournaments in April-May, took place at the sports complex of martial arts.

The award ceremony took place at a high level on the Day of Ashgabat and the “Farewell Bell”. Artists performed for the participants of the ceremony, and sportsmen performed in the demonstration exercises.

On behalf of the Hero-Arkadag and the President of Turkmenistan the winners and prize-winners, as well as their mentors, received valuable gifts and wishes of new achievements in sports!