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Talented athletes from the Olimp secondary sports school

The schoolchildren from the Olimp secondary sports school of the State Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of Turkmenistan, which prepares the athletes in the Olympic sports, took part in the Bagtyarlyk Etrap stage of the school subject Olympiad Altyn asyryň altyn zehinleri’, which was held among young people studying at the secondary schools of the country. Atajan Babaev, a 10-grader (E), and Kyyas Baygeldiyev, an 11-grader (D), from that school, took part in the history and geography Olympiads respectively. Both of them were close to enter the top three. The talented athletes from the Olimp secondary sports school noted that they were going to prepare diligently and to achieve high results at the future Olympiads.

We wish the disciples of Guljahan Amanova, a first level teacher at the school, to improve in sports and studies and to achieve success at the upcoming school subject Olympiads!


Turkmen Sporty newspaper.