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«Shagadam» won the Turkmenistan Football Cup for the second time

The football players of the Turkmenbashi’s «Shagadam» won the Turkmenistan Football Cup, beating «Ahal» in the decisive meeting – 1:0.

In order to further popularize football over the 30-year history of these competitions, the final was held for the tenth time outside the capital and for the second time - in Turkmenbashi city.

For «Shagadam» and «Ahal» it was already the fifth final in the history of these clubs.

On the way to the final match, vice-champion «Ahal» alternately beat «Ashgabat» and «Altyn Asyr» with the same score 2: 1, and «Shagadam», the bronze medalist of the national championship, which ended on December 19, won «Merv» - 3: 1 and «Kopetdag» - 1: 0.

The final match 2021 Turkmenistan Cup took place in a double-edged struggle. The fate of the second most important club trophy was decided by the only goal, which scored in the 21st minute with a header of Mekan Ashirov. He responded to the pass of Ihlas Magtymov in time and hit the opponent's goal from 6 meters.

Ihlas Magtymov and Kerim Hojaberdiyev from «Shagadam» team had great scoring chances. However, the goalkeeper Resul Charyyev, who played confidently in these episodes, did not allow the hosts to increase the score.

Two minutes before the end of regular time, «Ahal» could win back and put the match into overtime. But the goalkeeper saved the home team from the inevitable goal Nikita Gorbunov.

Having kept the winning score, «Shagadam» for the second time won the Turkmenistan Football Cup. Rahman Bayliyev, the chief coach of the Turkmenbashi Oil Refineries Complex, brought the team to this success.

Hemra Amanmamedov, the 36-age old captain of «Shagadam», was the first who raised the cup.

Let us recall, that earlier, the team from Turkmenbashi city reached such success in 2007, when the team under the leadership of the famous former player Kurbanmamed Meredov beat “Merv” in overtime - 1:0.